Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's Alive!

Well after 6 or 7 weeks FILM FIENDS is finally back in full action. Film Fiends dot com is officially back up and running after being down during that time. Design wise, it is the same, however there are many other subtle differences.

First off, most of our DVDs are gone. We're focusing now on fewer titles as we concentrate more on other items. We went from about 12 different sub-genres to just 5 (Horror, Cult, Nunsploitation, Cannibals and Out-Of-Print). We still have a few more titles to add but new DVD additions will be few and far between. Anything we get in the future will probably not be things you can pick up at Best Buy, Walmart or any other chain store.

The new items we're excited to announce is our exclusive line of framed 5"x7" Mini-Posters. We've got just 10 titles right now but will be adding a lot more soon.

We've got the same great t-shirts as before but now when you shop for them on the site, rather than view by size you can view by style. We find this way much easier as you just click on the style you want (i.e. Evil Dead - Ash) and then chose the size based on what's available.

Books and patches are still available of course.

Don't forget to "like" us on Facebook and check us out on our other satellite pages as well.

Stay tuned for more new products and other news!