Monday, April 19, 2010

New Orleans Alternative Media Expo Recap

Thanks to everyone who came out to the New Orleans Alternative Media Expo this last weekend. We had a blast and considered the experience a huge success. Many thanks to Antigravity Magazine for putting it on. We weren't really sure what kind of turnout there would be or if any Fiends would be in attendance but we were pleasantly surprised. Lot's of cool people stopped by our table, which was at a great spot in the warehouse, and besides making some good sales we had some great conversations with other Fiends about such topics as Alejandro Jodorowsky, Troma, Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky, Blaxploitation, Video Nasties, the New Orleans Cinema scene and more.

Good people. Good times. For sure.

Special shout-outs the guys who put out the FEAST comic anthology who gave us extra copies to mail out with orders to our customers.

Check out these couple of photos. First is of Brooke before the Expo opened and the second is of myself, Nick, talking with one of the attendees.

To anyone in the New Orleans area who did not attend, you missed out on a great day! We will definitely be back at the Expo next year and look forward to doing more Expos, Conventions, etc in the area. All the exhibitors there were amazing and the diversity amongst the tables was great. New Orleans is easily one of the most talented cities in America and the artwork and creativity at this Expo was proof.

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